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NOTE: This only applies to the Americans who play Call of Duty on their PS3's and Xbox's and eat non-stop, because apart from them American people are very likeable.

1)A twat or idiot that thinks they are better than the the rest of the world, usually because they spell 'mum' with an 'o'.

2)Likes all the breasts, and strip clubs.

3)Also somebody who is too busy eating burgers at fast food places or playing Call of Duty 4 online with their Xbox getting their ass kicked by the British.
1)•American: we spel mom wit a o bcoz dat makes us kl 4 perfectin da langwidj
•American: The British invented the muskets but we upgraded them to high power guns la la la we rule and we are invincible and we can beat anyone
Brit: Well we gave you the musket, plus, 911, HAHA.

2)•American: Come to our strip clubz because we have silicon titties and big boobies and they are all fake

3)•American: Sorry I'm too busy stuffing my face to go fight in the war oh no but we helped save everybody in the world wars
WWII Allied countries: Yeah and you came late for both of them
•American: oh no im playing call of duty the americans are the bestest ever
Brit: In Call of Duty 4 the Marines DIE and the S.A.S. survive, so up yours.
American: ur mom

by Jaymz™ May 28, 2008

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