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The Towel you use when you didn't do laundry therefore running out of your full size shower towel. The Shower napkin is the midsized towel usually used as a hand towel or wash cloth. The shower napkin is used for wiping the water off while you freeze from being cold and wet because it wont even fit all the way around a newborn baby
I forgot to do the laundry last night so the only thing i had was a shower napkin for this morning.
#napkin #shower #towel #hand towel #linens
by Jayblox January 13, 2009
catching up with an old friend you havent talked to in years but now that you found them on facebook they are your new best friend.
I havent seen or talked to Sara since High School, now that she is on facebook i think i will ask her to hang out and embraceface her.
#embrace #encircle #hold #love #cherish
by jayblox January 10, 2009
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