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1. To shoot someone with a gun usually made of a human hand or construction paper.
I'm going to shoot you boyyee; Brrattta-tat-tat!
by Jaybeehizzlemomma May 12, 2006
One that is both ridiculous and delicious at one time.
I can't believe how ridiculish this snack is.
by Jaybeehizzlemomma May 12, 2006
To fall asleep for 20 to 30 minutes, usually residing in an automobile or rock wall.
Excuse me while I catch-a-snatch.
by Jaybeehizzlemomma May 12, 2006
1. Snacks that exceed the normal excitement of a regular snack. Snack usually exudes an excellent scent or picture show.
2. An outcry of excitement, usually at a sweet trick or new pair of shoes.
1. I can't handle these new snackz.
by Jaybeehizzlemomma May 12, 2006

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