1 definition by JaySoNeD

A overrated runescape pro, defended by 200,000 Players when insulted. Some say his dad owns Runescape and made him First place, some say he macros.... And some say people have his password? Who knows... -Words from the players.

"zezima is god" "u just mad becuz zezima is pro" "you shouldnt play runescape you noob" "i wish i was zezima" "i wonder wat zezima has in his bank" if you saw zezima what would you say" "zezima isnt an nerd hes just good, unlike you" "if you think zezima is a nerd you should stop playing" "zezima is straight up god" "i have zezimas phone number" ANSWER: you do? what is it, can i have it pleas.

Now you see. (all of the above are real, that i've heard around runescape.)
"I believe Zezima is just there to drive noobs crazy" -uloveme
by JaySoNeD September 30, 2006

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