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When a normally clean shaven fellow lets his facial hair grow the entire week he is on vacation in an attempt to see:
A) How long it will grow

B) How long he will last before it itches so much he has to shave it off
A) Ben was very proud of his vacation beard that he kept until monday morning before his first day back at work.

B) Ben's vacation beard only lasted until Thursday, when the itching became too much and he had to shave it off.
by JayBeeL November 04, 2009
To make something "cleaner" than it previously has been; while at the same time not making it necessarilly "clean" by the standards held by the majority of society.
After months of neglect, I finally decided to do some cleanering in my apartment, it's all relative . . .
by JayBeeL June 07, 2010

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