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Saddle Creek band. Techno-indie.
by jaybee October 02, 2003
Sprite with a tropical flavoring.
by jaybee August 24, 2003
An aninal indegenous to water with a lifespan of about 2 or 3 minutes. Usually dark brown, but can vary to hues to mustard yellow. Where it smells horrible, the odor can usually be alleviated by flushing the toilet.
Hey Dave, come check out my pet mud snake.
by JayBee March 26, 2005
The idea on Wall Street that the socially acceptable length of women's skirts will reveal the state of the stock market.
Low skirts at the ankles mean the country is swaying towards a conservative, bear market. (1930s)
High skirts above the knee mean the country is in a free spirited and aggressvie bull market. (1980s)
by JayBee March 20, 2005
Why did you search my name?
by jaybee October 04, 2003
A counterfeit representaion of a coin that has similar shape (and possibly similair weight) used to subvert vending machines.

Source: Term at one point was used on the New Jersey boardwalk in the 1980s.

An entity (especially a person) not capable of meeting minimal standard of the productivity that they are participating in, usually used disparagingly.

Source: I use this today as it seems approprite to descibe someone people that can get in your world, but can't deliver.
Ex. 1:
Posted sign: Those caught using slugs will be barred from this arcade.

Ex. 2:
Coach Willaims: You call that Rugby?!! I can get 15 slugs off the street to beat you guys
by JayBee March 20, 2005
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