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1. Somebody that is your Homegurl/homeboi, that you kick it with, have sex with, and trust.
2. The dude nobody knows ur secretly having sex with, everyone thinks ur "best friends"
3.Yall both are in relationships but cant get enough of each other.
friend: "Are you and Tony dating?"
You: "naa thats my homie-lover-friend!"
by Jay8 December 06, 2006
A name you call someone that can be either a complement or an insult depending on how you use it.
"Stfu you nino"
"Youre the nino"
by JAY8 July 20, 2014
On July 17, from 12 AM to 12 PM, there is a facebook purge where everyone posts nudes that they have gotten on facebook and tag the person in the nude in the post. Thy use #facebookpurge or post it in the facebook purge group on facebook.
"Hey becky, you got a pretty nice body"

"Oh you must of missed the facebook purge yesterday, check youre facebook sugartits"
by JAY8 July 20, 2014

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