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1. Fake Jamaican.
2. White person trying to be black.
3. wigger
"We roughed up a bunch of Jafakens"
by Jay See February 23, 2004
To have sex
i knobbed her
by Jay See February 23, 2004
to have sex
i nobbed her
by Jay See February 23, 2004
Utilizing the belief system and work ethic of -THE- JoeC to create a better life for yourself by fulfilling your goals and dreams. Joeyism is a quality that can help anyone achieve success. You just have to make it a lifestyle, a mindset, a religion. Joeyism is something that can not be taught or learned. Joeyism is something that burns within. In the gym, Joeyism is the intangible, the x-factor, that gives Joe an advantage over everyone else.
You arent making gains because you lack Joeyism
by Jay See February 23, 2004
A person whom derives pleasure from the website dogbomb.co.uk in particular, those who frequent the boards.
Jay, you're always on that site. You're such a dogbomber.
by Jay See July 21, 2003
Someone who has over 1000 posts on a message board.
You've been on dogbomb so long, I'm sure you're a no lifer.
by Jay See July 21, 2003
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