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A 50 50 is short for Five O driving a 5.0.

Many police forces in the United States employ the use of marked and unmarked Ford Mustang police cars with powerful, sport tuned, high-horsepower, V-8 engines, commonly known as the Mustang 5.0 (Pronounced five point oh), or Mustang GT.

The purpose of these vehicles is two-fold. Mainly to catch unsuspecting speeders who might ordinarily recognize a typical unmarked police vehicle such as a Chevrolet Impala or Ford Crown Victoria.

A secondary, less frequent use of the Mustang 5.0 is to give a police force vehicles suitable for use during high speed chases with motorcycles, exotic sports cars, or modified vehicles. Ordinary patrol cars are not capable of attaining the high speeds sometimes encountered during chases with the aforementioned vehicles. These ultra-high speed chases can sometimes reach 150 mph, or more!
Slow down man, that's a 50 50 tailing us! Thanks Dude, I didn't even see him. I can't afford another ticket or I'm gonna' lose my f'in license!
by Javaking_1000 March 21, 2010

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