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4 definitions by Jaster

A female's chest.
"Damn dude, that chick has nice schlamastic."
by jaster May 12, 2004
When a man ejactulates with such force it blows the condom of slapping her in the face creating a large smacking sound.
Awe man, I lightning rodded last night and my wife started crying it his her so hard.
by Jaster December 14, 2003
When a female is doing a hand stand and the man has his penis in her anus and she is uranating into the mouth of another women.
Bob and sally were doing the lemonade stand with wendy on a dark stormy night.
by Jaster December 14, 2003
When you insert your penis into your own anal cavity.
While performing the circle of life, Sean got it stuck.
by Jaster December 14, 2003