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A "birth control" method which is essentially unprotected sex primarily practiced within Latin American ethnicities and Catholic religious denominations. The rhythm method.
Person one: Why does Maria have so many kids?
Person two: Mexican Roulette!
by Jasper Smeed September 02, 2005
Similar to a nightcap with liquor, but with weed instead.
Dude #1: I'm beat and need to go to sleep.
Dude #2: Wanna take a 'Dream Puff'?
Dude #1: Fuck yeah!!
by Jasper Smeed January 09, 2010
A preceding descriptive term that makes practically everything sound pleasing and/or amusing.
Happy Mountain Cider
Happy Mountain Chowder
Happy Mountain Village
Happy Mountain Diapers
Happy Mountain Parking Ticket
by Jasper Smeed January 09, 2010

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