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cigarette dipped into pcp/angeldust oil/liquid. filter is removed and cig is lit with another lit cigarette. due to fact that if "Dipper" is lit by a lighter it will set entire cigarette on fire due to flamability.
"gimme a dipper"
"we were smokin a dipper"
by Jason McKinney October 06, 2003
general description of pretty much anything. could be a pen,phone, playstation controller, drugs, ect.
"Yo, hand me the Jawnski."
by Jason McKinney October 06, 2003
a machine used to measure the ACTUAL horsepower of a vehicle. a machine most "Ricers" are afraid of.
yo that Ricer swore he had 500hp. but when i PAID for him to put it on the DYNO he soon found out it only had 132hp. Guess all the stickers didnt make a damn bit of difference.
by Jason McKinney October 08, 2003
spells LOOSE on the calculator. old schoolboy trick. story goes likke this.
there was 1 girl she was 16 she had sex with 69 guys 3 times, that makes her Loose. ie...
11669 x 3 = 35007
see story above.
by Jason McKinney December 16, 2003
to give someone a small amount of whatever you have.
"i had a huge cheesesteak but Jon asked me to Break off a piece for him"
by Jason McKinney October 06, 2003
the process of converting PCP/AngelDust from a Liquid/oil into bags on parsley flakes.
1.get $100 bottle of oil.
2.get small bottle of McCormiks' parsley flakes.
3.pour bottle of oil into the bottle of parsley flakes.
4.Shake parsley up well, untill all flakes are soaked.
5.put shaken bottle of flakes into freezer for approx 10minutes.
6.remove from freezer, open bottle listen to the "Woooosh" sound.
7.Bag up flakes and store in freezer untill ready to smoke/sell.
"ill be ready in a minute, i have to Whip Em Up"
by Jason McKinney October 06, 2003
opening a bag of heroin (eastcoast bags are wax type stampbags) and getting high
"yo man crack a bag with me"
"yo im about to crack a bag, want some?"
by Jason McKinney October 27, 2004
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