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When you lay your cock across the length of someone's nose imitating the protective nose guard of the ancient Roman Soldier's helmet.
Last night I was going to give Julie a Tea Bag but instead decided to switch it up a bit and give her a Roman Soldier instead.
by Jason K March 27, 2003
"Not safe for 56k." This term is used for something on the web that people on slow connections shouldn't mess with. Typically, this includes large images, video, or streams.
Click Here for 500mb of pron (NSF56K)


Click here to view the entire Star Wars trilogy (NSF56K)
by Jason K December 02, 2003
The never ending struggle between a lot of cheap crap or a smaller amount of expensive crap.
"Wal-Mart is cheap, but they really need to spend less time on quantity and more time on quality."


"Bill G., the new CEO, had some quality vs. quantity decisions to make regarding his company's product. He couild either produce a lot cheaply, or produce fewer but better goods."
by Jason K December 02, 2003
This works best on a very hot day when the balls are hanging real low. While sitting down and wearing shorts, pull out your sack and pin it to the seat with your thumb. The stand up until the slack on your ball bag is taunt. This is when you say out loud, "hey look, I'm stuck in gum" fooling everyone into thinking that you sat in gum. It usually takes people a few seconds of staring at your bag until they realize what it is.
Instead of the predictable Hanging Brain trick, I mixed it up by doing a "Sat in Gum" trick at the bar last night.
by Jason K April 10, 2003
Anyone that works in a call-centre type enviroment or where the majority of contact with the customers is done through the phone.
But in particular anyone that cant do anything other than follow a pre-written script.
"Hey have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone from a Bangladesh call centre ?". "Yeah, its near impossible though, they are all phone monkeys !"
by Jason K February 05, 2005
A person that invites people for certain sexual activies on the internet and then scams then when the money has gone through by not keeping to there end of the bargain.
'dont talk to Cyberchick_2000'
'why not ?'
'she is a cheating paypal whore who will rob you'
by Jason K February 06, 2005
This phenomenon happens when the scrotum is pulled up and over the cock making it look like a skinned game hen.
During a rousing game of ball tricks, Gary defeated Keith's "Fruitbasket" by making a Cornish Game Hen.
by Jason K April 10, 2003

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