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The most common word looked up in Urban Dictionary. Sex is also the act of 2 people pleasuring each other, where u must always use protection against diseases and babies, Lots of people have sex so use protection, you never know when your girl will stray off while you are at work and fuck a man with aids. Most kids in runescape like to have digital sex with thier avatar characters.
OMG my runescape character is so fucking hot. I want to have sex with her.
Any type of candy that pops in your mouth like candy rocks.
That bitch Katrina popped some shizzle poppers in her mouth.
Being crazy or doing stupid things to get a person's attention, mainly a male getting a female's attention.
Billy is lonky, LOL.

Billy just ran into the wall wearing his boots on the wrong feet. How Lonky is that?
The 2 Rune Rocks located in lvl 45 wilderness in Runescape.
techx, lets go pking at the Roxx and kill some rune miners and get thier loot.
The act of going crazy or going mad or going insane.
Haha, look at Billy he is going swapple.

Johny is all swappled up from all the boos he dranked.
A chain of Grocery Stores in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennesee may be in other states as well.
Billy went shopping at Bilo today.

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