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A YouTube channel belonging to the always sexy Tom Cassell. He is famous for his Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer, Black Ops: Zombies, and Black Ops Multiplayer, and most recently, Minecraft commentations. He is also famous for his classy sayings such as "Boobalicious", "Happy in the Pants", and the always original "Boobs". He must like boobs ALOT. He is a down to Earth commentator who always "keeps it real". He is the cause of getting guys laied since 2009 also :)

Tweet Him : @ProSyndicate

Join His Fan Page on Facebook: /TheSyndicateProject

Show him the love he deserves! :)
Girl: "You ever heard of TheSyndicateProject ?"
Boy: "OH MY GOD...he loves boobs and so do I!!"
Girl: "I HAVE BOOBS and he makes me happy in the pants!"
Boy: "JESUS CHRIST! ME TO! Look at this boner just from talking about him!"
Girl: "That's NOT boobalicious"
Boy: (Insert Tumblr meme here) "WHY YOU NO LIKE IT?"
Girl: "Cause Syndicate's is bigger...and he belongs to the 1337 club."
Boy: "I must do better!...anyway...You wanna come play COD at my house?" *Syndicate voice* "It's boobaliciously amazing"
Girl: "Okay...I'll just have sex with you because you watch him"
by Jasminehehehe August 11, 2011
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