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Flatland BMX is an evolution of the freestyle BMX movement and (some influence from) break dancing, and has been refined into one of the hardest sports to master (hand-eye-body-coordination-wise) in all of action sports. Still keeping true to freestyle, this form of cycling involves many scuffing, spinning, rolling, and hopping tricks while balancing on only one wheel of the bike for a duration of time. Many tricks may be linked together to form links - and some may last for as long as 4 minutes at a time whithout the rider's foot or both tires touching the ground.
1. Yo that gansta ass G thurr just busted out a tight flatland move!
2. Whoa, did you see that spinning flatland move? That was curazee!
3. No, this is not a street bike - it is a flatland bike.
by Jas0n 0n a BIKE February 25, 2005

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