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In the culture and lifestyle of apartment life, nesting is the act of settling yourself into a cozy convenient corner of your bedroom and surrounding yourself with all the comforts of your many vices.
i.e. a bed pushed against a wall with a window for smoking, internet access, porn, toilet paper, beer fridge, TV/DVD, game console, beer fridge, hash pipe, etc.
"nice weekend...good weekend...just spent the time nesting in my room. I had to peel myself from the sheets Monday morning"
#porn #smoke #nest #lifestyle #apartment #vices #beer #hash #pipe #game #console
by Jarvis Mayes December 14, 2009
A term used to describe a Japanese bukake or orgy where a group of modestly endowed asian men take turns penetrating a woman for a short time each.
"I witnessed a Tokyo bird feeder last night and I'll never look at my penis the same way again.."
#tokkyo #bukake #spa #bath #wet #orgy
by Jarvis Mayes October 22, 2009
When you're fucking a chick while wearing big heavy wool socks. Just as you're about to cum, you rub your feet against the carpet hard and fast, sending a shock through the head of your shaft. If successful, yell, "'ere cums da hot steppa!"
It was chilly last night, so I pulled a "New England Hot Stepper" for jokes. She yelped like a dog.
#shock #shaft #fucking #cum #da
by Jarvis Mayes October 24, 2009
The act of fornication during office hours, and while most of the garments remain on; especially the tie. Suit sex usually takes place during the lunch hour break.
"Spciy lunch? You're all flustered!"

"You could say that... I just has suit sex in the copy room with the intern!"

""I've been having suit sex with my boss for the last 2 weeks in his office. I have to wear longer dresses to cover the carpet burns..."
#sex #fuck #suit #tie #lunch
by Jarvis Mayes November 22, 2009
Hanging one's member outside the zipper of one's pants in a comical fashion for the amusement of onlookers.
"I was so drunk at the bar last night I pulled out my zipper tie for some laughs!"

"Jonny got kicked out of the bar for pulling out the zipper tie for some laughs...he was pretty drunk"
#drunk #zipper #tie #cock #penis
by Jarvis Mayes November 23, 2009
The state of the penis after being exposed to chilly conditions. i.e. Coming out of the pool, the ocean, a cool shower, etc.
"I was in the pool for over an hour. I looked for my penis but all I found was a wenis"

"Johnny and I were making out in the water on spring break... I wanted his cock but all got was the wenis..."
#shrinkage #penis #small #sex #cock
by Jarvis mayes November 22, 2009
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