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1 definition by Jarso

a word, phrase, sentence, or any number of words that when spelt backwards, are the same as when they are fowards
"dammit i'm mad
evil is a deed as i live
god, am i reviled? i rise, my bed on a sun i melt
to be not one man emanating is sad. i piss.
alas, it is so late. who stops to help?
man, it is hot. im in it. i tell
i am not a devil. i level "mad dog"
ah, say burning is, as, a deified gulp in my halo of a mired
rum tin
i erase many men. oh, to be a man, a sin.
is evil a clam? on trap?
no. it was open. on it i was stuck.
rats peed on hope. elsewhere dips a web.
be still if i fill its ebb
ew a spider ...eh? we sleep. oh no!
deep. stark cuts saw it in one position.
part animal, can i live? sin is a name.
both, one... my names are in it. murder? im a fool.
a hymn i plug, defied as a sign in ruby ash.
a goddam level i lived at.
on mail let it in. im it.
oh, sit in ample hot spots. oh wet!
a loss it is alas (sip). id assign it a name
namenot one bottle minus an ode by me.:
"sir, i deliver. im a dog"
evil is a deed as i live. dammit im mad..."

palindrome -demetri martin
by Jarso April 11, 2007
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