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6 definitions by Jared Bishop

One of the greatest punk bands to date. The lead singer was often depicted dressing up as Alex from Clockwork Orange. Great band with a great sound. Must listen.
The Adicts are a great band.
by Jared Bishop July 26, 2004
87 13
An exclamation of excitement. Could be used because of a suprise.
A new car for my birthday? WHOOPEE!
by Jared Bishop June 16, 2004
75 36
A mushroom which contains the chemical Psyloscibin (Spelling) and will cause you to trip balls and see some sweet shit.
Dude pass over those magic shrooms, im a get tore-up!
by Jared Bishop June 16, 2004
44 15
A dick that is wider than long. Like Farve from Super Troopers.
Ew. That guy has a fucking chode.
by Jared Bishop June 15, 2004
12 6
The process of chillin with friends or girls with your penis hanging out of your zipper.
"You comin over?"
"Yea, lets hang out with our wang out"
by Jared Bishop June 16, 2004
45 112
some fuck that blindly follows his patriatism. Ex. The Crusades
That french man is a chauvinistic fuck.
by Jared Bishop June 18, 2004
51 125