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2 definitions by Janoodles

A show on Teletoon (Canada) that revolves around 6 teens (16 years old) that work at the same mall together. They seem to act older than 16 though.

Many of the stores in the mall are spoofs of real stores and the mall is based on Toronto Eatons Center and West Edmonton Mall

Although it is rated G, there is some slightly more mature content making it super humorous. (ex// there is a whole episode on the girls PMSing, sexual innuendo, flashing, etc.)

I think teens would appreciate the humor a lot more than kids (I'm 17)Its well scripted, light to watch and the animation is easy on the eyes
Stores found in 6Teen:
Albatross and Finch
Penalty Box
Stereo Shack

Nikki: Is that a breast?
Jonesey: NO! its a boob! I, I mean bowl!
by Janoodles July 20, 2008
When you're on a bus or in a car and you always get stopped by the red traffic light. Its very annoying and time-wasting, especially in the morning going to school or work.
Friend 1: Where were you this morning?
Friend 2: Yo, the bus hit like every red

Man these days the bus keeps hitting the reds
by Janoodles February 20, 2007