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uses people in a band for fame
and dicks
someone who gives so many bjs they lost count
someone with thinning hair
horrible fashion sense

Did you see ariday's boobs fall out of her shirt today while she was giving that geek a blowjob?
by Janice Beaverhousing March 30, 2008
Max Bemis is amazing
dont deny it.
i have to put a couple more so this can be submitited.
Max Bemis is the most amazing Jewish, bipolar singer ever born. I want to smoke with him.
by Janice Beaverhousing March 30, 2008
An amazing individual who wears a farmer jacket.
Has long hair just above his eyes.
Smokes cigarettes.
Is lovely.

Look! Is that Kevin the farmer boy smoking on the corner I see?
by Janice Beaverhousing March 30, 2008

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