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The highest compliment one can give to another regarding the character of that person...they are loyal...upright...trustworthy...timely...fashionable...hip...
wise...smart...outgoing...outstanding in character...personable...humble...accomplished...an all around gr8 person.
Yeah buddy, that Gaz is the goods...that ain't no chumpthere..Gaz is the kind of guy I want on my crew.
by Jane Nazrat March 18, 2010
The process of removing the tags from items one has purchased, such as clothes, stuffed animalas, furniture.
I should have given this dress a tagectomy before I decided to wear it, this tag is driving me crazy!

My girlfriend Laura gives all of her new clothes a tagectomy and then sews in a new tag with a smaller size!
by Jane Nazrat September 17, 2009
A chump that only drinks milk, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry...breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Trust me, you ain't no playa and you don't know what tipsy is, look chump you're a milkaholic, now tell me what club is serve'n up milk?

Randy is a milkaholic, instead of coffee in the morning he has chocolate milk, instead of soda at lunch he has strawberry milk and yes, for dinner he has straight up milk!
by Jane Nazrat September 21, 2009
A person (most often a parent), whom reveals the truth behind white lies and exaggerated situations.
The way this government is run, this Country is going to need an ARMY of Defibulators to straighten its shit out!

My Dad is the defibulator in our family, no one can get anything passed him.

In class today we did not get much accomplished because the Teacher had to play the defibulator, between Dwayne and Jose for the Principal.
by Jane Nazrat September 21, 2009
Shiney Object Syndrome: is wide spread in women throughout the world namely America, it is a need for Bling, shiney and sparkley objects to adorn their bodies with, such as clothes, jewelry, purses, cell phones and just about any and all fashion accessories!
I can't walk through the mall without having to stop every five feet because of Michelle's S.O.S. ( Shiney Object Syndrome) , she catches all the sparkle and bling with her peripheral vision and has to stop at every store!
by Jane Nazrat September 17, 2009
A person who consistantly tells white lies and/or often exaggerates situations (most often a child)
My daughter tends to be a fibulator when she is put on the spot.

All politicians nowadays are fibulators, like in Jane Nazrat's poem "The Tribulation of Fibulation", you can check it out on Think.mtv.com.
by Jane Nazrat September 21, 2009
A mischeivious person, harmless in nature, but always up to be'n a brat.
Chump are you stupid, your putting Michelle in charge of the batchlors party, you know she is a bad egg...you'll end get'n a lap dance from a Grannie!
by Jane Nazrat March 19, 2010

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