2 definitions by JanOLeary

Someone who will not have a job after they graduate.
Whatever happened to Bobby?
He's homeless now.
Oh that's right, I forgot he's an english major.
by JanOLeary November 11, 2005
Obstinate distaste for the show Glee that is not based on actually seeing or hearing the show. One who exhibits stubborn and complete intolerance based purely on Glee's outward appearance and musical flair.
- Glee sucks so bad.
- Have you ever seen it?
- No.
- You're gleegotry is intolerable! You should be ashamed!
- Still doesn't change the fact that Glee sucks.
- You are an asshole.
- I prefer the term, gleegot.
by JanOleary May 11, 2010

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