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2 definitions by Jamrock121

When an individual takes a Barbie Ken Doll and inserts the Ken Doll head first up someones asshole leaving his legs kickin for freedom.
Damn that Kickin Ken you gave me the other day tore up my asshole
by Jamrock121 February 09, 2011
The act of when you pack an asshole with jizz, one waits for there partner/significant other to fall asleep. Once asleep you put your asshole 6-12" from your partner's face and fart/spray a web of jizz all over the face while you yell out "you were Peter Parkered Bitch," leaving a jizz web all over your partner's face.
"Can't believe you Peter Parkered me last night I can't get the poo/jizz smell out of my hair."
by Jamrock121 May 20, 2014