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A Tipp-Flup is the tender area underneath the head of the penis. It is usually used as a sick twisted place for ladies to perform cruel and weirdly sexy tasks ( e.g candle wax , flames , butter etc ) . It is a very important place on the male body and is very important part of the male reproductive system .
Mary: Did you meet up with Eoghan last night ?
Katie: Yes , i gave him some tipp-flup massage with the inside of my arse hole !!
Mary: Did he appreciate it ?
Katie: As its a very tender place he was squealing like a pig , so yes he did appreciate it.
Mary: Nice !!
by Jampots December 01, 2011
A ''Wiggy'' is a male or female who uses a well rounded amount of grammar to hide their lack of education . They also seem to think when they say something it is there's , even though its a well known word said by an abundance of the educated populace . Wiggys should be destroyed . They also are against the war in Afghanistan which means they're not American .
Henry: Is Eoghan coming in today ?
Luis: Naw screw im in his tight firmly chapped ass that guy is only a wiggy .
Henry: Hahaha your right screw Eoghan , fucking Communist
by Jampots November 30, 2011

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