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A drastic understatement. The opposite of hyperbole.
To say that the weather in Los Angeles "isn't bad" is hypobole.
by Jamin' September 12, 2005
Coated with the residue from marijuana smoke. Most often applied to pipes, bowls and other such paraphenalia.
Wow, you can really see the blues and reds in that piece now that it's all resinated.

Hey, try some of this ganja...it's been in the chamber for three weeks so it's all resinated!!!
by Jamin' September 14, 2005
When you blow a load in a girl's ear. Extra credit: double aural is either getting some in both of her ears, or in one ear of two girls.
I thought she wanted to give me aural sex, but she must've meant oral sex cuz she was not very happy when I came all over her left ear.
by Jamin' September 12, 2005

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