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Extremely exaggerated and irrational fears of things. Arachniphobia is an extreme and irrational fear of spiders. Someone suffering from this will either run terrified from the sight of it or possibly pass out and faint from pure fear.
I am extremely happy that I do not have ANY phobias. You should be too, unless you do have one, then your just an irrational pussy. Get over it.
by Jamie 'Casper' Spaulding April 27, 2008
(pronounced: four-ten) A code word used when in a confrontation with a hostile group of guys. By using this code word, your group of guys can let each other know when they are ready to fucking kill some bitches in a fight. Also, other code words can be used to let your friends know that you need a minute or so. The other code words could be any other number. But 410 means lets show these fuckers whos boss!
Chris: Should we 410 these fags?
Ralph: I think we should 410 'em.
Mike: What about the 214?
Jamie: Oh, the 214? I would rather show them the 410...
Mike: All right. 410 it is then!

Then your group simultaneously attacks the other group and most likely they will be confused from all the talking and get their asses beat to a pulp.
by Jamie 'Casper' Spaulding April 28, 2008
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