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1 definition by Jamesthatscool

Annoying word used by people who love MSN
Used to stop conversation DEAD in its tracks.
Only normal people use this word.
Wierd people despise it. because wierd people know how to talk to each other

KK is used to SHUT U UP
Wierd-Dave: man hows the car
Normal-Norman: Fukt man
Wierd-Dave: Get it fixed mate?
Normal Norman: kk!
Wierd-Dave: WTF???
Normal Norman: LOL


Wierd-O: Hey how r u
Normal galxxx: k
Wierd-O: how r u
Normal galxxx: shuttup bitch i hate you wierd ass, r u goth?? lolz DIE
by Jamesthatscool November 07, 2005