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5 definitions by James0x57

A person who uses the work of a hacker.

Hackees are not necessarily skilled with the computers, game systems, phones, or other devices that they're using the hacks on (whereas the hacker likely is).

Hackees often call themselves hackers for using hacks; They are wrong.
Installing the homebrew channel does not make you a hacker, it makes you a hackee.

Using the hot coffee mod makes you a hackee, not a hacker.
by James0x57 April 15, 2010
Displays a Penguin on FaceBook Chat.
This is a penguin: <(")
by James0x57 October 18, 2009
It's a vagina.
Bob: I couldn't do it, guys. =(
Sam: You're such a pussy.
Bob: Meh, you are what you eat, I s'pose.
by James0x57 February 09, 2009
Akin to "twat" but not intended to be as harsh.
Brian thanks his twazer friend for the status update!
by James0x57 March 02, 2009
What's Your Favorite
"WYF type of food?"
"Chinese, for sure."
by James0x57 December 23, 2008