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O G means original gangsta
those tru gangstas from way back in the day that jacked ya and left nothing but you boxers and socks
Biggie and tupac were both OG's
by James White July 10, 2004
when you brush ya shoulder off you forget about the "dirt" you just confronted
when the cops harrass ya for slanging llelo
when the dont find none you stand up and brush ya shoulders off
by James White July 09, 2004
first of all rock the mike does not mean a bj....it means to rip it in a freestyle or rhyme
A: you ready for this battle bro?
B: yo...i finna rock the mike
by James White July 09, 2004
Cybernetic YT.

Someone who spends so long on the computer, they become a part of it.
Oh dear, he's turning into CyberYT
by James White December 21, 2003
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