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Wealthy gay male couple. (could be married)
Tom: 'Have you seen Chris and John's new house?'
Mark: 'Ya it's beautiful! What a couple of plushdogs'
by James Torren August 07, 2008
A wealthy gay male (mans best friend)
Tom: 'Have you seen the new house that Chris bought?'
Mark: 'Ya it's beautiful! he's a real plushdog.
by James Torren August 06, 2008
Rich gay male, teen or twink, living off the support of wealthy parents. (until they finish university)
Allan: 'Hey did you see the new car that Chris drives?'
Ryan: 'Ya his Dad bought it for him. He's a real plushpuppy.'
by James Torren August 07, 2008
Rich gay teen couple. (male, twink's)
Supported by wealthy parents, until they finish university, or establish a career.
David: 'Did you see the new condo Adam and Ryan bought?'

John: 'Ya! it's soo cool, those two guys are real plushpuppies.'
by James Torren August 09, 2008
Rich gay teen couple. (male)(twink) Living off the support of there wealthy parents. (Until they finish university, or land a position in there father's company.)
David: 'Hey, have you seen the new condo that Tommy and Mark bought?'

Ryan: Ya, it's soo cool! Those plushpuppys have it made.'
by James Torren August 07, 2008
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