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Heterosexual male equivalent to fag-bangle. IE. A straight man who hangs out with gays and provides 'het-help', like opening jars, chopping wood, or lighting barbecues.
"Dude is Joe a faggot now? He's been around those Ket-a-poofs a hell of a lot"

"Nah man he's just their Het-a-poof"

"Fuck that's gay"
by James St. Jones June 22, 2007
An unspoken set of rules of behaviour followed by Ketamine users
Fuck, Joe just vommed everywhere then got his dick out...man that's bad ketiquette
by James St. Jones June 22, 2007
A gay man who consumes Ketamine excessively or has a Ketamine addiction (semi-derogatory)
Did you see Jay at that party? No? Exactly, fucking Ket-a-poof
by James St. Jones June 22, 2007

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