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A Lower Topanga Canyon creek dweller that lives free of societies rules.
Hey I just saw a "creek rat" walking on the side of the road!
by James Lynn August 18, 2007
The female photographer Lynn El Senoussi's spastic photograghic art style.
They just pulled off a "lynnski", or it looks like a "lynnski" or nice "lynnski".
by James Lynn August 18, 2007
The first car made by volvo to not represent a housebrick, but drives and handles like one, originally made for the american market these volvos were deemed 'wank' by the americans so were palmed off to us europeans, left to come to terms with spending lots of money on something that looked good but was really a tank in disguise that never worked
MAN: Whats that thing sat on the hard shoulder???
MAN2: Thats a volvo 480.
by James Lynn January 20, 2007

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