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5 definitions by James LeBlanc

As American as apple pie and baseball, a term famous through out twentieth century wars, friendly fire, a term used to explain the gun-happy American Idiot, and for some reason, no solution has been found.
Yankee: Hey, Canuck, why haven't you Canadian cowards joined in on our war in Iraq.

Canuck: Well, probably because the only fatilities Canada suffered in Afghanistan were from American 'friendly fire', and we didn't find it too friendly that it was denied for the better part of a year, so fuck you George W Bush. Find yourself another bitch. You may want to try Mexico.
by James LeBlanc May 24, 2005
34 25
Slang term used for adult diapers or other miscellany incontinence aids. Popular among the senior citizen sect for long drives in the 'Cadillac-car' and long sits on the front porch.
My grandmother spent twelve straight hours playing the slots in Atlantic City. This would have been impossible had it not been for her casino pants.
by James LeBlanc March 15, 2007
6 1
An African girl with big hair.
Hey Ghenet, make me a sandwich!
by James LeBlanc March 19, 2004
5 4
(noun) - From the Latin 'fuck' usually describing a dolt, a moron, a boob, a twat, or my supervisor Bitie. Generally found wearing his/her ass for a hat, and professing vast knowledge about everything. Plural - fuckoes.
Did you see what Bitie is wearing. What a fucko.

Or - Jesus, Bitie and Brad make up one ugly couple. Christ, what fuckoes.

Use of biblical terms is encouraged, but not limited to, when using fucko in a sentance of your own.
by James LeBlanc August 12, 2004
13 23
My supervisor, who spends many days just gnawing the corner of her desk.
Hey, Bitie, stop gnawing the corner of your desk.
by James LeBlanc March 19, 2004
5 17