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Possibly the most popular handgun of all time. The orginal 1911 has spawned a countless number of clones, accessories, and ripoffs. It was (and still is) manufactured in .45 ACP caliber, although there are cosmetically-indentical variants that fire in other pistol calibers. It is often critisized for it's small magazine capacity (7), although high-capacity clones are very popular, such as the Para-Ordinance P14. The 1911 is known for it's power, accuracy, and dependability. Unlike a traditional hinged trigger, the 1911 utilizes a sliding trigger that pulls straight back, thus further enhancing accuracy. Initially made by John Browning, it was manufactured by Colt for the US Army until replaced by the Beretta 92FS (M9) in 9mm caliber in the 80s. There is controversy over the Beretta and it's lack of power, and soldiers are known to scrounge for 1911s in Iraq.
"My 1911 could kick your Glock's ass"
by James Bell April 05, 2006
A polymer-framed, steel-slide (primarily) semi-automatic handgun. Contrary to poular belief, a Glock will set off metal detectors, as not only is it 85% metal, but the polymer frame has metal particles imbedded in it. They are known for their reliability, as they have about 30 fewer parts than most other semiautomatic handguns. They're manufactured in 9X19mm, .357 sig (which is a 9mm round crimped in a .40 shell casing), .380, .40 S&W, 10mm auto, .45 ACP. Although generally semiautomatic, the Glock 18 is manufactured for law inforcement and is capable of firing in full-automatic. A Glock has three safties, none are manual. The hammer is concealed within the slide, and is non-user accessable. The hammer is kept at half-cock. Glock handguns are criticized for their angled, ugly looks, occaisonally uncomfortable grips, and needlessly complicated safety mechanisms. The Glock is unable to fire all-lead bullets (it can only fire jacketed rounds) due to it's polygonal rifling, to which lead sticks.
"My 1911A1 could kick your Glock's ass"
by James Bell April 05, 2006
The act of turning admired potential into envied ability. Contrary to popular belief, practice does not make "perfect", it conversely makes "permenant".
I'd better practice my skating if I want to make enemies on the ice.
by James Bell January 13, 2007
Often contracted to "Deagle" (pronounced like "beagle"), this red-giant motherfucker of a gun is aggrandized by rappers, movies, and video games. Pimply-faced fans of said rappers, movies, and video games often praise this generally impractical penis extension. It is availible in .357 auto, .44 auto, and .50 Action Express. Approximately .17 KG empty, the Eagle, manufactured by Magnum Research, is the most powerful semiautomatic handgun availible. Instead of traditional blowback operation, the Deagle is gas operated, a la the M-16, AKM-47, G3, MP5, etc. The weapon is knowing to "stovepipe", when the slide/bolt assembly snaps back and forth so quickly and with so much force that the ejecting shell casing gets caught in the top of the slide and is subsequently crushed, jamming the weapon.
"Yo bitch, I fucked some muthafucka up with ma deagle, bitch.

Shut the hell up, you've never shot a gun, let alone a desert eagle."
by James Bell April 05, 2006
A company, product, or service whose only nororiety is derived from the fact that it is of the lowest possible quality.
You're getting a Geo? Going for the Cream of the Crap, are we?
by James Bell February 16, 2007
The FNC is an assault rifle chambered in 5.56mm NATO and manufactured by Belgian arms manufacturer Fabrique Nationale, or FN. Unlike the similar FN FAL, the FNC uses a long-stroke gas piston like the AK-47, while also inheriting features from the AR-15, making it a good, solid, all-around assault rifle. It's also the weapon that Al Pacino used in the bank heist scene in "Heat".

It's based on John Moses Browning designs, so it's guaranteed to be fucking awesome.
- "Hmm, I can't decide between an AK clone and this AR-15"
by James Bell January 19, 2009
Mark just loves mancream.
by James Bell September 22, 2003
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