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San Francisco, CA. Where the summer is as cold as summer is in New Zealand mountains.
Ernie: Man, it sure is a hot summer day here in Fresno, how about you Bert?
Bert: I have three layers on dude, i'm in the southern hemisphere!
Bert: ...you know, San Francisco!
by JambaJews September 23, 2009
What a man must become when he does not show confidence or resolve in chasing a girl he is interested in.
Matt: Dah I kinda like this girl, but I haven't done anything with her yet.
Avery: Why not?
Matt: I dunno...I'm kinda scared I guess.
Avery: It's time for you to step up to the plate, and become....Seduce-a-tron 3000!
by JambaJews February 06, 2010
Contrary to popular belief, this stands for Too Much Information, but the meaning is not the same. It actually means 'I cannot handle what you just told me, and it took me off guard, because I am too {prude/insecure/jealous/lame/dumb/close-minded} to be ok with you saying it.' There are actual instances of TMI that occur, but this definition rarely lies in the eye of the beholder, because usually that person just 'Can't handle the truth!!'
Guy 1: I slept with Chick 2 the other night.
Chick 1: OMG TMI!! I can't believe you told me that.
Guy 1: That's not TMI...you're just jealous or surprised because you didn't think I could score with Chick 2.
Chick 1: Nu uh, you just shouldn't share things like that.
Guy 1: You just told me you slept with Guy 2 the other day.
Chick 1: ...that's different...cause....
Guy 1: Case in point.
by JambaJews November 27, 2009
Champagne on Tits. To uncork any kind of champagne, preferrably in a jacuzzi or hotel room, and pour liberally over a pair of exposed tits (or several pairs). Shaking the contents slightly is encouraged, but not so much as to emulate the Yankees' post-World Series locker room celebration.
Bert: So how was your Vegas trip?
Dert: Awesome broseph, we totally had COT!
Bert: COT party? No way, how did you convince them?
Dert: We told them the champagne was too cheap to drink, but that we didn't want to waste it.
by JambaJews December 26, 2009

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