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News anchor Rudi Bakhtiar
The Persian Princess used to be seen on CNN; she now appears on Fox.
#rudi #bakhtiar #persian #princess #iranian
by Jamax November 07, 2009
A sympathetic news story in the wake of criminal or unethical conduct by a minority member highlighting the stress the incident has caused others in the same minority.
The recent shooting at Fort Hood resulted in a spate of minority reports about Muslims in the military from the AP, Reuters, and major media outlets.
#blacks #hispanics #muslims #arabs #media bias
by Jamax November 07, 2009
A nonexistent job "created or saved" by the stimulus package. The job may exist in a nonexistent congressional district.
Obama acolyte: Obama created 20 new jobs in the 9th Congressional District of Arizona!

Man on the street: 20 new Obamajobs in the nonexistent 9th CD of Arizona? Really?
#obama #stimulus #spendulus #porkulus #pork #government waste #unemployment #employment
by Jamax November 16, 2009
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