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3 definitions by Jamax

A sympathetic news story in the wake of criminal or unethical conduct by a minority member highlighting the stress the incident has caused others in the same minority.
The recent shooting at Fort Hood resulted in a spate of minority reports about Muslims in the military from the AP, Reuters, and major media outlets.
by Jamax November 07, 2009
News anchor Rudi Bakhtiar
The Persian Princess used to be seen on CNN; she now appears on Fox.
by Jamax November 07, 2009
A nonexistent job "created or saved" by the stimulus package. The job may exist in a nonexistent congressional district.
Obama acolyte: Obama created 20 new jobs in the 9th Congressional District of Arizona!

Man on the street: 20 new Obamajobs in the nonexistent 9th CD of Arizona? Really?
by Jamax November 16, 2009