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Self-proclaimed god of band. Usually is described as the director's bitch, a small price to pay to make everyone else his or her bitch. Wields incredible power during the fall, but loses it during spring, where the band is undergoing what is known as "concert season". Is particularly fond of newbies and works to take them under wing quickly
The drum major gave the order to march despite the complaints of several upperclassmen.
by JakobderLudner July 24, 2005
A marching band maneuver in which the entire marching band utilizes several about faces (Hazes) and flanks to turn itself 90 degrees on a street. Also known as the Immel turn

To execute the turn, the band must make an about face at the command of the drum major. The file farthest from the direction the band is turning will merely keep on going. The first person in this file will make a flank towards the intended direction, and the people behind him/her will make the same action at the desired interval. The first person in the file right next to that will make a flank in the intended direction two beats after the first person does. This will go on in intervals of two until the complete first rank is facing 90 degrees from its original direction, in which case all that's left is for the rest of the band to make the desired flanks in order to complete the parade block. This can all be done without calling a halt or mark time.
The band made a square turn and won the "Best Company Front" trophy.
by JakobderLudner July 24, 2005
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