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After smoking alot of weed the smoker still breathes smoke afterwords
"Dude last night i smoked like 4 grams and i still had dragon mouth an hour later"
by Jakkrabbit Eddie September 05, 2006
someone with 4 toes on either foot
"Oh man that kid Cristian is a Quado!"
by Jakkrabbit Eddie September 01, 2006
When one person takes a large bong rip, hold in the smoke then takes a sip of vodka, then exhales the smoke
"dude i got fucked off the rip and sip last night"
by Jakkrabbit Eddie August 29, 2006
After taking a hoot of weed the person coughs out the smoke on accidentally.
Rookie Stoner: "takes large hoot"
Stoner: "oh dude he's bitching out!"
Rookie Stoner: *coughs out smoke
by Jakkrabbit Eddie August 31, 2006
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