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A failure to convey an idea or emotion in an email communication, due to the impersonal nature of text.
Jan didn't understand a word of where I was coming from in that email.. it was a complete mailure.
by Jake Rodgers May 28, 2008
A song in a friend's mp3 collection, which there is no excuse for.
I was looking at Dan's "Early Evening" playlist, and I saw Jackson Browne's "Runnin on Empty"
That's no excusic, and he knows it.
by Jake Rodgers July 29, 2008

Sportsie is a very fancy version of sporty. Essentially it is what happens when a lot of time and energy are dedicated to the “image” part of being healthy, to the point of becoming sportsie.
Do you think these running shorts make me look too sportsie?
by Jake Rodgers May 28, 2008

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