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So Not Funny!

When someone has said a really awful joke and/or said something out of line. An extension of use of nf - Not Funny.
Jack: Yeah, that truck ahead is huge, it's as fat as your ass!
Jill: snf
by Jake McMillan November 02, 2009
Slightly Smiling

An alternative to using lol when you're not actually laughing out loud. Can be used in a sarcastic way, although not exclusively, to emphasise the fact that the person is trying to be funny but has not really succeeded.

You can also use:

tsf - That's so Funny

tf - That's Funny
Jake: Why did the hedgehog cross the road?
Risa: dunno?
Jake: Because it was stapled to the chicken!
Risa ss
by Jake McMillan November 02, 2009
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