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Noun: a cheerleader; one's support system; a person who is there to help you stay motivated and get through whatever obstacle confronts you

Origin: Bring It On (2000)
Sparky: "Cheerleaders are dancers who have gone retarded."
Jake: I really don't want to do this paper.
Jess: You can kick this paper's ass. I'll be your dancer gone retarded.

Man, I'm exhausted. I wish I had a dancer gone retarded to help me get my energy back.
by Jake/JCatt December 04, 2006
Adjective - to be all smiles; used when one is cheesin'

Origin - derived from the Kraft cheese empire
Jake: Did you see Shawn mackin' on that girl?
Jess: Yeah and she's obviously diggin' him.
Jake: For sure... she's Krafty.

Catt: Did you get some play or something? You're Krafty.
by Jake/JCatt December 04, 2006
Noun - a person's fakest smile; a person's generic picture smile

Origin: Kraft commercials stating, "Kids like the one in the blue box cause it's the cheesiest."
Damn, where's the camera? Kelly's got his blue box on.

Jake: Seriously, I don't mind at all.
Jess: Really, then why are you shootin' me the blue box?
by Jake/JCatt December 04, 2006

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