13 definitions by Jak

A word made up in french class.
Where you use your arms to immitate an alligator and make weird french-accent sounding noises.
me - WTF is an armigator
by jak April 30, 2004
I had a bowl of chili for dinner last night, and the trumpet fish are running wild this morning.
by jak December 27, 2002
sum1 with a huge nose / sum1 hu is a just a wanka and u dnt like atall
alex : jesus my sister is a cocknose
jak : indeed she has a huge nose
by jak April 01, 2005
a water bong.
by Jak April 21, 2003
A school of witchcraft and wizardry for children ages 10-17
by Jak January 27, 2003
a rap lyricist who is good/great
you hear about that new emcee? He has he'll challenge anybody

what you know about a sweet emcee?
in the 313,
none of these skills you bout to see come free.
by jak December 25, 2003

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