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4 definitions by Jahve

A good band that travels the world, holding concerts whilst fighting the foo
-He's fighting the foo!
-Really? Who are you cheering on?
-The foo!
by Jahve October 03, 2004
Rolling in The Chair. Like ROFL, but while sitting.
"What should I watch?"
-"RITC thats so random xD"
by Jahve August 18, 2008
a fatal disease caused by extreme use of napkins - can in some instances be fatal - Also known as Fatalis Napkinosis.
I was at my physioligist today, and he gave me the diagnosis Fatalis Napkinosis!
by Jahve October 03, 2004
"Forgeing" is a different way of saying "Foreign", and is the international language of the peoples republic of Fictivia.
I amn goung to a forgeing coutry
by Jahve October 03, 2004