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1) Tool: a useful piece of equipment, usually a specially shaped object designed to do a particular task.

2) Law requirement: something needed in order to achieve something else.


1. Carry out or fulfill something: to put something into effect or action.

2. To provide or equip somebody with the tools or other means to do something.


1) Writing implements.
2) They still need to get that through implementation.


1) The plan has yet to be fully implemented.
2) The thieves were given all necessary implementations.
by Jafje June 14, 2007


Something implied but not expressed: understood or implied without being stated openly.

A tacit agreement.
by Jafje September 11, 2007
Limburgs: dialect simmular to Dutch spoken in the Dutch province of Limburg.
"Ik spreek Limburgs."
I speak the Limburgs dialect.
by Jafje May 05, 2007
From the Dutch language;

*In Dutch: Laden (infinitive), (past tense, plural) (be/ge)laden.
*In English: To load (inf.), (past tense)loaded.

In English it's an adjective meaning;

1. Heavily loaded.

2. Oppressed by something: weighed down by a problem or an unpleasant feeling such as doubt or unhappiness.

1. Fruit-laden boughs.
2. Laden with guilt.
by Jafje September 01, 2007

1) U.K. criticism: a series of insulting, mocking, or critical comments.

2) USA: To sleep with someone.

1) I took a right slaging over that haircut

2) He's always slaging with people he knows for like an hour.
by Jafje June 06, 2007

From of Dutch spoken in Belgium, the only real difference is the way they prenounce the words.

No difference in spelling or grammar.

Ik spreek Vlaams.

Dutch for: I speak Vlaams.
Vlaams for: I speak Vlaams.
by Jafje May 10, 2007

Short for Stargate Atlantis.

After they cancelled SG-1, many people switched to SGA because Amanda Tapping would join the cast for a season.
by Jafje May 30, 2007

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