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1 definition by Jaegermeisterin

Fuckedupigkeit is the term for the special kind of drunkenness/stonedness that one achieves while on Erasmus/Foreign Exchange Program in Germany.

It should be one's aim to constantly be in a state of Fuckedupigkeit whilst undertaking such an exchange program, whereby you can blame all ridiculous, embarassing, and/or reckless behaviours on Fuckedupigkeit.
Let's drink 3 bottles of Jaegermeister to achieve Fuckedupigkeit / Lass uns 3 Flaschen Jaeger runtermachen, um Fuckedupigkeit zu erreichen!

I couldn't help it, it was the Fuckedupigkeit/ Ich konnte nichts dafür, das war halt die Fuckedupigkeit
by Jaegermeisterin December 21, 2010