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58 definitions by Jade

equal use of both left and right hands.
"I'm ambidextrious. I slap ass with both hands."- Ludacris
by Jade November 10, 2003
8 21
When a female who is otherwise lesbian is attracted to, in love with and/or obsessed with David Jendro.
I'm not gay... I dunno. I'm a jensexual
by Jade July 03, 2004
4 20
An ideal that, whether one believes in it or not, has kept people talking for centuries past and future.
god exists, god exists not; god exists, god exists not.
by Jade May 25, 2003
63 80
The stage between liking someone and loving them.
'I'm just so... in lim with him'
by Jade January 09, 2005
16 34
A vest. That doesn't open in the front. Or something.It's a sweater. Only a vest.

Hence the name.

Extremely ugly, uncomfortable, and often associated with "nerds".
Since Johnny wore a different sweatervest everyday, people often called him a nerd without knowing what he was like on the inside. Now Johnny is a kick-ass pedo. Showed you all, didn't he?
by Jade November 14, 2004
9 28
In one word: Painful.
1. As my grandmother turned on her country-music radio station, my ears started to bleed.

2. "If the Devil Danced in Empty Pockets, He'd have a ball in mine."
by Jade November 13, 2004
81 100
jades hoe
jade bffl
jades skank
jade and lail went to the zoo
by jade April 18, 2005
4 25