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I believe that the Jade`s name comes from someone with Blonde/red hair sometimes darker. Very Beautiful a good friend. but in a bad case sinario: She can be a Bitch when it tends the need, she can be all around grouchy if she needs, she does like to listen some times but yet she acts like shes not ganna do something but does anyway.
ex:"Hey Jade get my pop." she replies "No you get it" but then she gets up and gets it and "acts" like shes not irratated. she also can get addicted to people she loves without noticing it. Most Jades` end up dating some one who starts with: B, G,H,J sometime R. most and more times shown it will be the letter B. Also when you thinks shes not ganna be a back up she ends up in the fight right next to you. she doesnt like fist fights though. when shes gets addicted to someone she acts "motherly" to the "guy or loved one" most Jades` in my records would either be Bi or Lez. Some of the Jades are Random at heart Shy on the outside others are loud and love to meet people.
List of Jades that have dated a person with B once with * are most popular.

Jade And Brock*
Jade And Brandon
Jade And Brayden*
Jade And Bryce
Jade And Brady *
Jade And Brad
Jade And Bob
by Jade<3Brayden... im Jade xD April 11, 2011

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