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A Japanese Art form where participants bury a male/female in sand, and proceeds to poo on their face. Groups must be larger than 3 people. This is a form of sexual humilation.
Im gonna go pukkake on yo ass!
by Jadams1987 May 08, 2005
A Clydebank FC supporter. Known to be highly aggressive and hardcore. Usuually filled with alcohol and other substances whilst supporting their team.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh the bankies we love you! We Love you bankies, we do! WE love you bankies we do! ooooooohhhhhhhh the bankie we love you
by Jadams1987 May 08, 2005
Someone who is a Fucking Racist
You are a fracist Khuram
by Jadams1987 May 08, 2005
A small, hairy Asian man from the Glasgow Area. Known to be aggressive and sexually charged individuals.
damn, the guy is acting like a Khuram. WE gott kill it before he hits on us
by Jadams1987 May 08, 2005

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