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What you should never lend to friends if it is imortant to you.
If you paid good money for it, it will get scratched easier.
It will also be lost faster.
A circular device that will scratch even though you know for a fact that it has never been dropped.
"Hey Bill, can I borrow that C.D. for a couple days to put on my Ipod?"
"Sure Frank, but don't lend it out to anyone, Ok?"
"Gotcha." Bill did not hear a word he said. Frank will never see the C.D. ever again in this world.

Three days later.

"Bill do you have my C.D?"
"Na man, I gave it to this really hot chick who really liked the band so I lent it to her."
"Well, what was her name so I can track it down."
"Forgot, she was really hot."
by Jacob Stewart March 13, 2008

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